Your plans are in motion, and you’ve been diligently saving for retirement for the last few years or decades. Your 401K and Roth are in place, and you’ve maximized contributions as much as you can. Things look like they’re on the right path, but you keep asking yourself the same question: Is your money doing enough for you?

We work with individuals of all income levels, including multi-millionaires, to help ensure that their unique financial needs are being met, and that their assets are being protected from both tax burden and fees in the case of probate. You’ve worked hard to earn the income that you have, and you and future generations after you deserve the right to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Croak Asset Management can help make that a reality.

From alternative forms of investment, to unique investment vehicles that help reduce taxes and defer costs, we have a wide variety of investment and retirement plans to help you get the most out of your money. Our goal is to make sure that every dollar is put to work for you, helping ensure your financial future and providing you and your children with sound financial footing.

If you are a high income earner, or have assets in excess of one million dollars, we can offer you the kind of customized, concierge level service you can’t find at a big firm. Our hands on approach to investing will help make sure your investments are being monitored, adjusted and efficient allocated 24/7, so you can focus on enjoying life and doing what you do best.

Start building your financial future today.

No matter where you are along life's path, now is the time to be proactive with planning for your financial future. From retirement planning and college funding to opening up a new business, Croak Asset Management is here to help you work toward a financially successful future.