Redefining Wealth

Boutique Financial Services

We work with you, and for you, to help make financial planning easy to understand and easy to manage and plan around. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we work hard on your behalf to secure the best return on your investment every day.

Independence and Transparency

Croak Asset Management is 100% independent, not affiliated directly with any insurance or investment company. We are also fiduciaries, making us legally responsible for your money and accountable for every single cent we invest.

Your Financial Future

No one knows what the future will bring, but we can help insulate your retirement plan from changing markets and financial uncertainty. We combine the best resources and investment vehicles with strategies designed around you to minimize risk.

Combining Cutting Edge Technology with the Personal Touch of Concierge Service

You’ve had people counting on you your whole life. Your Parents, your Spouse, your children. Who do you count on to make sure that their future is protected?

Our fiduciary relationship with our clients is our number priority. We'll be there through the high's and low's ensuring that you’re both confident and comfortable with the planning process. We combine the personal touch of concierge service with cutting edge technology to give you the best of both worlds. As fiduciaries, we are not only morally but legally obligated to act in your own best interests, and we take pride in delivering on that promise to our clients.


Local Presence

Toledo is a special place to us. Croak Asset Management takes pride in helping our community become, and remain, prosperous for a long time to come. For us, Northwest Ohio has always been home. Tim & Eric both graduated from local high schools and went onto The University of Toledo. We live locally, support our own, and understand what it takes for you to become financially independent.

National Resources

We partner with companies like Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, BlackRock, Morningstar, and others to bring our clients access to the most up-to-date and innovative software and ideas in the marketplace. Our goal is to constantly be evolving and improving our process to help secure a better return on your investment. These partnerships allow us to leverage the intelligence and the portfolios of the most successful companies in the world on your behalf.