Take charge of your financial future.

Our wealth management process puts you in the driver’s seat of your investing and financial management. Together we’ll outline a plan that takes into account every aspect of your financial life to help you create a customized roadmap toward financial stability.

Money is a part of life. Weddings, colleges, cars, homes, charities, vacations, funerals — the good and the bad all come at a cost. It’s our job to make sure those costs don’t stop you from living your life exactly how you want to.

When you choose Croak Asset Management, you’re surrounded by a team of experts who are dedicated to putting you in the best position for financial success. And success means something different for everyone. For some, it’s giving to your favorite philanthropy; for others, it’s early retirement, or maybe a new house.

Our goal is to help you achieve your life goals by matching our services to your financial needs:

  • Informing your plan with experts in every field
  • Stress-testing your plan to determine what works and what doesn’t
  • Finding efficient, effective improvements to your financial plan

And as your life progresses, we’re right alongside you. Whether you’re navigating being a young professional, creating a family or retiring and enjoying what you’ve built, we’re here to be your partner in the process.


Discover your You Are Here point on your financial roadmap. Sit down with one of our trusted financial planners to discuss your goals, needs and current situation, so you’ll have a clearer direction moving forward.


Based on the introductory meeting, our team helps you build a customized financial plan designed for your income and lifestyle. Our guiding philosophy throughout the process is to put your money to work for you.


We’ll put your customized personal plan in motion and monitor it continually. We’ll also make changes every quarter as seen fit to keep you on track on your way toward reaching your financial goals.

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Lay the foundation for your financial future.

Discover how to develop your wealth as you envision with Croak Asset Management and the Aegis Wealth Management System.